Sometimes I Make Videos

For the past six years, I’ve wanted a video camera. I have innumerable scraps of paper tucked away covered in years of ideas for sketches, characters, compilations, and music videos. I was a theater kid for the better part of my adolescence and I think it affected the way I view the world. I’m always looking at things through a kind of lens, observing the different characters I come across and discovering the potential for a story even in the most mundane of situations.

Although I’ve dipped my toes in nearly every creative pursuit, I’m still figuring things out and trying to “find my voice” (barf). Sometimes I get an idea for a drawing or piece of writing, sometimes I get an idea for a video. I haven’t been diligent about sharing my ideas with others, mostly due to a lack of self-confidence (I’m a regular George McFly), but it seems, nowadays, due to a lack of time. With the free time I do have, I’ve decided I want to see the things I’ve dreamed up come to life, even if it’s not worth anyone else’s time.

There’s a part of me that’s already settling into that curmudgeonly adult sense of “Stop wasting time on your ‘dreams’! No one cares!”

"Thank you. Most interesting. And now I think we've had quite enough of this nonsense."

“Thank you. Most interesting. And now I think we’ve had quite enough of this nonsense.”

But I find my ideas aren’t so easy to shrug off. Every day, there’s something new. Even if it’s just an idea for a series of drawings featuring famous people with verbs for last names (ex: Tom Waits for a bus, Dane Cooks for one, Jeremy Irons his dress shirt, etc.)

Damn it, someone already thought of Walken in Memphis!

Damn it, someone already thought of Walken in Memphis!

As a graduation present, I finally got a video camera. During the unemployed months of my first postgrad summer, I spent hella time filming anything and everything. Some trees! My neighbor’s cat! A drive to Chipotle! It was a ridiculous waste of battery life, but a wonderful release, as I was now able to capture things in a way I’d only imagined.

So I’d like to introduce some of the videos I’ve made over the past few months. They’re not perfect, they’re definitely silly, and they’re probably drawn out at times. But I’m just really excited that I’m finally doing this shit!

With this heartless winter weather starting way too early, I thought I’d take a moment to appreciate the beautiful autumn we’ve had. This video consists of clips from early October to early November, and represents fall in more ways than one (womp womp… stick around till the end and you’ll see what I mean). This was fun to make, though Youtube made the quality a little janky.

Over the summer, I started watching The Bachelorette for the first time. That got old pretty quickly, so I started watching with the sound off and dubbing over the episodes. A bit long, but worth a watch. No context necessary (I certainly didn’t have any)!

Another music video.

Title says it all.

Hope to have more soon! Enjoy Thanksgivin’, y’all.

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4 Responses to Sometimes I Make Videos

  1. MQuinn, as someone who has also said “I’m a regular George McFly!” (so much so that I blog anonymously!) in a wordpress blog (it’s not worth reading, so I won’t link it!) I propose teaming up to make sketch videos. I have one, maybe two good ideas. I did a terrible job of shooting one of them at the end of summer because I did it alone, with no lighting or good audio equipment. THIS COULD BE HUGE.

    • maryquinneth says:

      I can dig it! A healthy majority of my ideas are terrible (and, to be honest, mostly raps and song parodies) & I could use someone to shoot them down. I’d also love to hear what you’ve got cookin’. George McFlys of the world unite!

      • Oh man, so many (few) ideas. I also have a dece’ digital SLR that shoots video. I feel like most of them are just trailers for fake movies, which I guess is a thing that I think about all the time.

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